Your body has an

extraordinary ability to heal.

It all begins on your fork.

Louise listens to the story

your body is trying to tell.

What is the logic behind the seemingly unconnected dots—your unique genes and bio-individuality, the way your body has interacted with the environment, what you eat, how you live, how you feel? What is the story that is whispering or shouting to be heard?  All the information and clues we glean in our work together can help us connect those dots, reveal the deeper layers of system dysfunction that have manifested in your physical symptoms, and let your body tell its story.


This is what drives and animates me. I am devoted to helping you find your way to optimal health.

"Louise has an uncommon gift of listening—very still and quiet while still remaining open. I sensed that she would move towards me, allowing me the same to whatever degree I needed or desired. Her nonjudgmental quality made it possible for me to speak openly. She recognized those things she could not- I would not- change and moved easily to find another way to reduce that harm. Needs that I didn’t know existed were met. Which is to say, above and beyond"


E.C., Brooklyn, NY


Louise Beach

Integrative Nutrition

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