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How can I help you feel better?

Healthy guts for every body—SIBO and beyond

I help those with SIBO and GERD and other digestive disorders, and anyone who wants to reap the 'inside-out' health benefits of a happier gut

To my clients out there––those I know and those I haven't yet met––to my neighbors and fellow souls, all of you with unhappy bellies: I have heard from you, I know you're out there. You have struggled to figure out how to eat, how not to hurt, how to be taken seriously, losing months, years and even decades wandering in the medical wilderness in the process.


Got diagnosed with IBS? Worse than not-helpful: "...a chronic condition that you'll need to manage long-term" ( Yikes!


Got diagnosed with SIBO? Lucky you, to have gotten tested.

But now what?  


We all just want to get back 'home' and get well.

My original 'unhappy belly' belonged to Sam, my adult son who carried a troubled stomach back from his life abroad, afflicted with what I now suspect was post-infectious IBS after a nasty case of food poisoning. 

Back in the US, Sam wandered in that same wilderness you all know so well, bouncing from doctor to doctor, antibiotic to antibiotic, diet to supplement to herb to probiotic. I felt powerless to help him, though he ultimately got better after about a decade with this malaise nibbling at the edges of his life.

You know those signs that read “Drive as if your child lives here”? You get a little ‘Ping!’ of resonance and slow the car with your empathy stirred, your heart a little bit more open.

Sam is my ‘Ping!’ for every unhappy belly out there. Let me help you out of the wilderness, as I now know how to do.

Light and Shadow

Let's help you get well with an informed and thoughtful approach. Book a free 20-minute call.

Wellness Consultations

When was the last time you felt really well? And then what happened? Let’s talk; tell me your story, and let your body tell its story.


Together, we’ll strategize ways for you to trace your way back to health.


SIBO Solutions

I'm here to help if if you have struggled months or years trying to figure things out on your own, or have left your doctor's office with a low-FODMAP diet print-out and a 'Good luck', after your treatment in that office 'failed'. Maybe you are struggling not to think that you, too, have somehow failed.

Louise Beach, MS, CNS


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I have consulted closely with Louise on health issues for many years. I cannot overstate how her incomparable knowledge, insight, caring, and generosity have benefitted me.   - Richard
"Louise has a deeply profound understanding of her field, which really set my mind at ease. She's also a very caring soul, which was a breath of fresh air after meeting with so many doctors who lacked bedside manners. If you want someone brilliant who will fight for your health, I couldn't recommend Louise any more highly."   - Aaron
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