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How can I help you live a more nourished life?

...a nourished life that feeds your cells but also your soul? How can the mind and spirit be enlisted to help us navigate the health challenges of the body? Here are a few practices that, research shows, promote resilience and vitality, alleviate stress and facilitate healing.

Eating whole foods ("mostly plants") that our cells recognize as food, not highly processed, non-foods that deplete and confuse the body.

Moving every day and sleeping deeply.


Getting out into nature to sharpen our senses and let us experience the ‘big smile and small self’  that is waiting for us there.

Using breathing techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep and focus the mind.

Living mindfully, in the present moment that is the "doorway to true calm". 

Cultivating flow, finding what lights us up, what connects us to our “truest, most beautiful life”, and practicing that.

About Louise

I hold a master of science degree in Clinical Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and I'm certified as a CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist®) after completing 1000  supervised hours.  I see clients privately in my Pleasantville, NY office or (until after Covid) via telehealth. 

I offer guidance to those who want to eat a plant-based diet–or those whose doctors want them to!–and as a result, have quite a few clients with the acid-reflux conditions GERD and LPR, as well as those with heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, since these conditions respond especially well to the plant-based diet (but most everyone would benefit from eating more plants and whole foods!).


However, I work with people, not with diets, and I look forward to helping anyone who comes to my door. Sometimes we'll have health issues when we are eating what we consider a 'perfect diet' (this was a particularly hard ego-hit for me, which taught me something), so a bit of sleuthing might be necessary in order to figure out what our bodies are trying to tell us.


I invest a great deal of thought and often research into each of my recommendations, offering first suggestions on how to optimize or modify what is on your plate, then enlisting the evidence-based support of whatever herbs, supplements and lifestyle modifications are appropriate for the whole, beautifully-complex picture that is you. 


Finally, I may recommend for you one of the traditional practices like meditation, qigong or breathwork that are known to have beneficial effects on our entire physiology as well as transformative effects on our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. While I am not a meditation or qigong teacher, I am so happy to share my resources in the context of a consultation in case they will help you as much as they have helped me.

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Wellness consultations

When was the last time you felt really well? And then what happened? Let’s talk; tell me your story, and let your body tell its story.


Together, we’ll strategize ways for you to trace your way back to health.

Plant-based diet coaching

Learn how to embrace the plant-based diet step by step (or meal by meal), and harness the power of plants to profoundly improve your health.

Offered at a 20% discount for the patients of Dr. Zalvan and Dr. Ostfeld.


Schedule a free 2o-minute discovery call to see if this feels like a good fit for you.

I have consulted closely with Louise on health issues for many years. I cannot overstate how her incomparable knowledge, insight, caring, and generosity have benefitted me.

- Richard