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These days, people are knocking on my door with a diagnosis of SIBO. Helping these souls feels personal to me, as my son suffered for a decade with what I only now realize was probably post-infectious IBS after a bad case of food-poisoning (overseas, as is often the case).

I remember how incapacitating his symptoms were, how inadequate his medical treatment was, and how powerless I felt to help him. 

You know those signs that read 'Drive as if your child lives here'?  These signs give us a sudden 'Ping!' of resonance–we suddenly slow down, empathy stirred.

Sam is my 'Ping!' for every unhappy belly out there. 


"Louise has a deeply profound understanding of her field, which really set my mind at ease. She's also a very caring soul, which was a breath of fresh air after meeting with so many doctors who lacked bedside manners. If you want someone brilliant who will fight for your health, I couldn't recommend Louise any more highly."   - Aaron 

Let me help shine a light on your path forward.


If you know – or suspect– you have SIBO and would love help with the

'What Now?',

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How I Practice

About me

I hold a master of science degree in Clinical Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and I'm certified as a CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist®) after completing 1000  supervised hours.  I see clients in my Pleasantville, NY office or via telehealth. I'm also a composer of theater and chamber music who taught in colleges and universities; now teach privately. (Music found under 'More')

Gut health

I specialize in SIBO, GERD and other digestive disorders, and I'm passionate about microbiome health for everyone with any condition, as nothing can heal our cells, organs, skin, even our brain, as powerfully as the 'postbiotics' that our happy gut bacteria pump out when these beneficial populations are provided with the food they need to thrive.


Plant-based Coaching

I offer coaching in preparing plant-based meals to those whose doctors have referred them to my office for support dialing back acid reflux, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension. 


Hearing your story, offering hope

I don't have a packaged protocol ready for you before I've even laid eyes on you, nor am I going to push a lot of supplements at you. My mission is to hear your story, to help you make connections about how you got here, and help you find your way back as best as I can. I want you   to leave you feeling seen, feeling heard, and feeling hopeful; this is the cornerstone of how I practice. We'll arrive at a plan together, customizing herbs, supplements, gut support, diet and lifestyle modifications in a roadmap with actionable steps.


Deeper healing

Changing the way you eat is key, but changing the way you think can be transformative. Particularly if you've been living with pain and illness for some time, perhaps with fear of relapse in the case of SIBO, or despair about ever getting better with any condition, traditional practices like meditation, qigong or breathwork, or newer practices of brain retraining may help you get out of your own way and let your brain's hyper-vigilant stress response 'stand down' to pave the way for deeper healing. These practices are vital touchstones for me in my life.

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Wellness consultations

When was the last time you felt really well? And then what happened? Let’s talk; tell me your story, and let your body tell its story.


Together, we’ll strategize ways for you to trace your way back to health.

SIBO Solutions

HELP for those who have struggled too long to figure things out on your own, losing months or years not feeling heard or taken seriously, dismissed by GI doctors who have been taught to cycle through invasive testing before offering patients the relatively simple SIBO breath test.

HOPE for those of you who left your doctor's office feeling hopeless, who were told that 'There is nothing more I can do', or shown to the door with a FODMAP diet print-out and a 'Good luck'. How does that not communicate that your treatment has failed, and that you, too, have somehow failed?

Your daily suffering is real, and though I want to give you ways to manage your symptoms, my goal is to identify and address the mechanisms that ushered in your SIBO in the very first place.


I am a 'SIBO-literate' practitioner who has been trained by best SIBO practitioners out there- Allison Siebecker and Nirala Jacobi, as well as studying microbiome restoration with Jason Hawrelak and other rmicrobiologists. I continue to get my hands on everything current about SIBO; research studies are my bedside reading. Let me help you. 


Book an
Ask Me Session
for help with the
'What Now'?

I have consulted closely with Louise on health issues for many years. I cannot overstate how her incomparable knowledge, insight, caring, and generosity have benefitted me.   - Richard