Initial consultation

90 minutes
+ 45 minute follow-up


Our 90-minute conversation lets us take a deep look into what’s going on with you, assessing your symptoms, health history, lab-work, your health goals and your frustrations in reaching those goals. Using the functional-medicine model, we'll search for clues–'upstream' causes– that help explain 'downstream' symptoms, with the goal of restoring optimal physiological function . Functional medicine provides this crucial trail of breadcrumbs; for only by identifying the root causes of disease can we address them and follow the trail back to health.

My recommendations for you will cover diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle modifications along with any mindfulness or breathwork practices that seem relevant and are welcomed.
The follow-up appointment is included in the package because I really want to know how you are doing!



$50 for 30 min 

$75 for 45 min

$100 for 60 min

Follow-ups allow us to monitor your progress, tweak your program and continue to brainstorm solutions. It's good to remember that since you didn't get sick overnight, it's unlikely that you'll feel better overnight either (though small steps can sometimes yield huge gains).


Think of a huge ocean-liner making a 180-degree turn in the is turning, but it's a process.....and turning around takes time.​


Let me help you set small goals and accompany you through the maybe-fast, maybe-slow, but lovely turnings that your life will take once you focus on what you want and then clear a path to get there. ​

Plant-based diet coaching

$100 for 60 min

Though all types of nutrients are vital to our health, phytonutrients–found exclusively in plants–are elite 'super-nutrients' that help us lose weight without counting calories, protect against heart disease and cancer, boost our immunity, open our arteries within minutes of consumption and optimize the health of every cell and organ in our bodies.


A plant-based, Mediterranean-type diet has been found to be as or more effective as medication to treat GERD.  

I am certified as a Food for Life Instructor by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, I'm 'fluent' in plant-based planning and cooking, and I will happily provide you with education, strategies, meal plans and endless encouragement!


Offered at a 20% discount for the patients of Dr. Zalvan and
Dr. Ostfeld. 


Schedule a free 2o-minute discovery call  to see if this feels like a good fit for you.