Wellness sessions


90 minutes


This information-gathering, trust-building consultation is key to teasing out connections and letting your body's story emerge. You will have already filled out a comprehensive intake form that will help us identify your health goals, health history, diet, lifestyle, physical symptoms, lab work, supplements and medications. After a collaborative conversation, I continue to connect the dots and do any additional research. Subsequently,  I will send you a set of recommendations along with supplemental and dietary interventions. 


Two 1-hr meetings


Two 45-min meetings


Two 30-min meetings


To be used within 3 months 

These follow-up packages offers the most value. Committing to two meetings to be used within 3 months allows us to set and move towards agreed-upon goals; I will support you throughout with meal plans, recipes, and other lifestyle and supplement interventions. 


$60 for 30 min

$90 for 45 min

$120 for 60 min

Follow-ups are strongly encouraged so we can monitor your progress, continue to brainstorm solutions and make any additional changes to your program. These sessions are customizable for longer follow-ups or quicker check-ins.



Purchase a weekly meal plan for yourself or your whole family. Colorful recipes, grocery lists and nutritional data help you fill your plate with healthy, delicious food every day. For clients only.

Pantry & cooking consultations

2 hours


If you don't know where to begin in terms stocking a healthy pantry and cooking with whole foods, this is a great option for you. Food costs are extra.

Chop & Chat group experiences


Inquire for price

Let's prepare a meal together to help you get some great recipes under your belt while you learn about the evidence-based principles behind whole foods: how they can help lower risk for chronic disease, support weight loss and promote vibrant energy.

Does this feel overwhelming?

Let's talk.

It can feel difficult to make changes, or to even admit what needs changing. Let's see if this would be a good fit for you.


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Integrative Nutrition

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