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"You know how on TV doctors will do anything and everything in their power to heal a patient with a mystery illness? In real life that's never the case, but Louise is a special exception. She went above and beyond on our initial consult, staying with me for over twice the normal amount of time just to help me. Since I was out of state she couldn't send me the test I needed, so she spent time reaching out to her network to find a doctor in my area who could... and this was all before we even started working together!


Louise has a deeply profound understanding of her field, which really set my mind at ease. She's also a very caring soul, which was a breath of fresh air after meeting with so many doctors who lacked bedside manners. If you want someone brilliant who will fight for your health, I couldn't recommend Louise any more highly."


- A.E., California

Louise has an uncommon gift of listening—very still and quiet while still remaining open. I sensed that she would move towards me, allowing me the same to whatever degree I needed or desired. Her nonjudgmental quality made it possible for me to speak openly. She recognized those things she could not- I would not- change and moved easily to find another way to reduce that harm. Needs that I didn’t know existed were met. Which is to say, above and beyond.

E.C., Brooklyn, NY

I have consulted closely with Louise Beach on health issues for many years. I cannot overstate how her incomparable knowledge, insight, caring, and generosity have benefitted me.

Louise creates a comprehensive individualized treatment plan utilizing diet, nutrients and spiritual practices for each patient.  The emphasis is always on gentle therapies that nevertheless can bring about dramatic improvements in one’s health.

For anyone with a serious health issue, or just seeking to improve the current state of their health, there is no better guide.”


R.E., Wilton, CT

Louise is an incredible person. She is an excellent listener, seems extremely knowledgeable, is super prepared, and really cares. She is a gem and a gift to others.

J.G., Pleasantville, NY

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