What clients are saying 

Louise is an incredible person. She is an excellent listener, seems extremely knowledgeable, is super prepared, and really cares. She is a gem and a gift to others.


J.G., Pleasantville, NY

Louise has an uncommon gift of listening—very still and quiet while still remaining open. I sensed that she would move towards me, allowing me the same to whatever degree I needed or desired. Her nonjudgmental quality made it possible for me to speak openly. She recognized those things she could not- I would not- change and moved easily to find another way to reduce that harm. Needs that I didn’t know existed were met. Which is to say, above and beyond.


E.C., Brooklyn, New York

Louise brings intelligence, humor, and compassion to her work.  It was a complete pleasure to speak with her.  I feel motivated to make changes and confident in results being beneficial.


H.C., Brooklyn, NY

Louise is knowledgeable and clear. She helped me realize that I could help myself heal, through her intuitive and gentle approach. I am so appreciative.


A.S., Tarrytown, NY


Louise Beach

Integrative Nutrition

(914) 260-7548