A creative approach to helping

you heal and thrive.

I’ve worn a creative hat most of my adult life as a musician, teacher and composer, but health challenges confronting me and my husband cracked open another door. When I saw how my husband’s heart disease could be reversed through the transformative power of food alone (lowering his cholesterol by 100 points in just 6 weeks!), I became an impassioned student of nutrition, ultimately earning my MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health.


For three years, I have lived and breathed what makes a healthy body tick and what system imbalances can send it reeling. I am in love with the science.

Strange trajectory, perhaps, for someone more at home at the piano, happily puzzling over the sense and flow of a piece I am writing, or trying to figure out how best to guide and galvanize the young piano student who has come for a lesson.


But the thread, perhaps, is that of receptive listening; as a composer, I have learned to listen to what the music has to tell me; as a teacher, I have learned to listen to what the student has to tell me. As an integrative nutritionist, I’m using the same creative muscles, but the story I am puzzling over is your story.


Louise Beach

Integrative Nutrition

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